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XP: Ultra Fine Collectors Edition

Only one hundred leather-bound, hand-tooled copies of XP will be available for the collector. The cognac-colored leather is goatskin from the Pergamena fine leather business, currently located in the Hudson River Valley, New York, and whose origins date back to 1550 in Eisenburg, Germany.

The text copy is printed on natural white, archival quality 60lb-text weight by Edwards Brothers from Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufacturing books since 1893.

The hand binding of each book is by Bruce Kavin of Kater-Crafts Bookbinders in Pico Rivera, California. Kater-Crafts was founded by his father Mel and has been producing fine books since 1948. Kater-Crafts Bookbinders are a certified library binder member of the Library Binding Institute.

The limited edition's end papers are Italian hand-marbled paper from Atelier Flavio Aquilina in the pattern ‘Snail Combed Blue’ coated with beeswax and based on an antique model. An archival reproduction of an etching from the November 23, 1861 Harper's Weekly showing, ‘The first telegraphic message from California’ stating, ‘MAY The UNION be PERPETUAL’ is tipped in on the marbled endsheet. Opposite the title page is a print of an early etching and drypoint by Edward Borein titled Black Tail Deer.

XP is typeset in Monotype Scotch Roman, a type style ubiquitous in American printing through much of the 19th century. Each typefoundry had a version of Scotch Roman and it was used in countless books and other printed items. The font's popularity began to fade with the coming of the 20th century. The Monotype Scotch Roman is based on the original Alexander Wilson & Son castings from Glasgow and is faithful to most details of the original design. Titling is typeset in Caslon Open, a display font frequently used in the 19th century. Book design is by John Balkwill, the Lumino Press, Santa Barbara, California.

Cover lettering is stamped with 22-karat gold. Custom-made foil stamps decorate the spine and inside cover edges.

This edition is an homage to the first edition of Mark Twain's Roughing It published in 1868, in which Twain writes about encountering a Pony Express rider.

Each copy is numbered and signed by the author.

Ultra fine limited-edition: