Runaway Horse Press

Writing that takes you somewhere - an experience of excellence for those who have a relationship with a book


Runaway Horse Press began with the concept of producing books that are ‘anti-kindle,’ recreating books that look and feel as if they were published a century or two ago. Designed with a vision: the act of reading as a tactile, emotional, sensual experience.

Today, so many people mention the touch and the smell of books; they like the whispery sound of pages turning. These readers will appreciate what Runaway Horse Press intends to accomplish. They are the kind of people who write thank you notes and care that the forever stamp they choose is interesting. Miles Davis or Edith Piaf anyone?

Clearly, a kindle serves a purpose; it is the future and is here to stay. Great for airplanes. This begs the question, “How do you stop a runaway horse?” Answer, “You don't. You just have to ride it.”

A future full of kindles can't be stopped. So, Runaway Horse Press instead celebrates the 'Book as Art.' An experience where luxury trumps convenience. Celebrating a house with a library as cozy in a power outage. Believing that even today, reading a book by flashlight under the covers is a rite of passage.

Runaway Horse Press's publication of the hand made, leather-bound edition of XP will appear printed in 1861. The end papers are Italian hand-marbled. The trade edition's cover is a vibrant rendition of a silk-screen by an artist circa 1930. The book contains an Edward Borein etching and the end papers celebrate exquisite art from a Harper's Weekly dated November 23rd, 1861.

“The Book as Art.”

We're waiting to see where this horse takes us.