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Set in 1861 in the Nevada Great Basin, XP follows the orphan James Donovan as he rides for the legendary Pony Express. Galloping for twenty-four hours straight, he carries whisper-thin mail, crossing a desolate land - dangerous, yet terrifyingly beautiful. Two clashing worlds battle for his identity - the Paiute Indians who helped raise him, and the Mormons who tried to capture his soul.

In a story as vast as the great American West, James encounters men and women of such strong character they survive on desire alone - unforgettable characters, some enchanting, some evil, all courageous. He discovers a love so deep it transcends the imagination. A sorrow so true even nature pauses to mourn. On his journey he meets a twenty-something Mark Twain, experiences the threat of a civil war, all while witnessing a diminishing way of living harmoniously with the land.

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Ultra Fine Limited Edition Available

Only one hundred leather-bound, hand-tooled copies of XP will be available for the collector. The cognac-colored leather is goatskin from the Pergamena fine leather business, currently located in the Hudson River Valley, New York, and whose origins date back to 1550 in Eisenburg, Germany.

The text copy is printed on natural white, archival quality 60lb-text weight by Edwards Brothers from Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufacturing books since 1893.

The hand binding of each book is by Bruce Kavin of Kater-Crafts Bookbinders in Pico Rivera, California. Kater-Crafts was founded by his father Mel and has been producing fine books since 1948. Kater-Crafts Bookbinders are a certified library binder member of the Library Binding Institute.

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